Brompton RAW MY2020 M2L


Beschikbaar via nabestelling


Brompton Raw Lacquer nieuwste model 2020.

volgens velen de mooiste kleur, het rauwe materiaal wat je ziet is de kleur van het metaal.

Deze Brompton heeft 2 versnellingen het M stuur en is lekker licht.

Tegenwoordig komt de lak in hoogglans.

brm m2l raw 2019-2

What can I tell you about Brompton that hasn’t already been said?
The iconic folding-design is a true marvellous bit of engineering —
they’re quick and easy to fold, you can park them inside the house
without taking up much space, you can take them on the train or
tram, and even on planes (without having to pay the extra for
“sporting equipment”). Handmade according to your specifications,
including a choice of colours and lights, a Brompton is a wonderful
piece of high quality urban transport that‘s seriously fun to ride.

Officieel kost de fiets €1485 incl. Front Carrier Block twv. €20.-

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