Brompton House Red H3L

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2020-11-09 New Arrivals:

We now January 19th 2021, have 2 Bromptons in stock:

These are MY2020 production bikes.

-1-  H6L Racing Green Black – classic €1625.-  Volt 400 light & Brompton Brooks male.

-2-  M2E Titanium Racing Green, a very nice Brompton for Racing 9.6Kg  €2080.-


in the shop this is a House Red H3L this one is sold happy new owner!

and a Brompton pic this an older red color:


Brompton: The iconic folding-design is a true marvellous bit of engineering

they’re quick and easy to fold, you can park them inside the house without taking up much space,

you can take them on the train or tram, and even on planes.

Brompton is a wonderful piece of high quality urban transport that‘s seriously fun to ride.


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